Be Here Now.

Be here now

If you’ve ever done any sort of personal development or meditations or guru-stalking, you probably know that the key to sustained happiness and sunshine is to live in the present moment (as opposed to worrying about the surprise party you’re supposed to be throwing your mother-in-law next week, which you … Keep Reading

I Want to Feel Incredibly Lucky + Outrageously Blessed

ILOB2 BW Reversed_Small

The other day I was scanning through my Instagram feed and saw one of Justin Baldoni’s posts. In case you’re unfamiliar with him, he’s on the show Jane the Virgin and his Instagram is full of inspirational words, brightly colored, healthy-looking foods, pictures of his adorable baby girl, words of adoration … Keep Reading

Hello, Blog.


I have been completely and utterly disconnected from my blog and my website. I’ve been creating art and opened my shop and have been enjoying life, but I’ve been sort of shy about coming out here to the blog. I figure the only way to get back on my blogging game … Keep Reading

I Have Pink Eye

you are lovable patter

I don’t get sick very often. There were a couple years there were I never even got a cold, or I’d get a cold that involved a sore throat for one day, that’s it. Well, last Thursday evening I was enjoying a glass of wine when I started feeling really … Keep Reading